Jun. 25, 2018

No Less Days by Amanda M. Stevens

**** 4 stars

Unanswered Questions for Me...

As we meet him in Amanda Stevens’s No Less Days, David Galloway is a reclusive bookstore owner in northern Michigan. His life seems quiet until he visits the Grand Canyon to see what happened to the body of teen idol Zachary Wilson. Wilson fell while attempting to cross the Grand Canyon.

David discovers he is not alone in his uniqueness on earth. There are at least four others like him, and they have been looking for David for some time. Instantly, David has a community that he has been lacking many years. 

There is a phrase that is very applicable to this book. “The author needs to be able to cause the reader to suspend disbelief.” I would have had less trouble doing this if this were a secular book. However, since there are strong Christian elements, I had a hard time understanding how David’s group is then unaffected by the Fall.

I liked that David is so generous and kind and also begins to realize his need for others. He treats Tiana’s friend very kindly and goes beyond to be sure she has her needs met. He also realizes his need for physical love, and Tiana herself is very convincing as she tells David he needs the church again.

I finished the book with many unanswered questions. Maybe that’s just me. Or maybe we’re being set up for a sequel. No Less Days is worth checking out. It might be your next favorite book, especially if you love speculative fiction.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher. This in no way affected my opinion, which is freely given, and for which I am solely responsible.