Jun. 14, 2018

Beneath the Surface,#1 Dive Team Investigations by Lynn H. Blackburn

***** 5 stars

Deep Water Thrills...

On a routine diving drill, a decapitated and dismembered body is found in a quiet lake. Homicide investigator Ryan Parker, Gabe Chavez, and dive captain Anissa Bell are suddenly thrust into a murder investigation. Worse yet, Leigh Weston, whom Ryan is coming to care for, has become an object of several no-holds-barred murder attempts.

I loved getting in on the ground level of this new series. It was also fun to see other relationships, besides Leigh and Ryan’s, develop just enough that we can reasonably be assured they will get their own story. Also, Blackburn develops all her characters to the point I care about somewhere between 6-10 characters and would be proud to call any of them “friend.”

I just loved Mr. Cook. He may be old, but he’s God’s prayer warrior, and His people know it.
“If Mr. Cook decided to pray for you, you could be sure the Almighty was going to get involved.” My parents’ prayers are like that, and I pray that mine will become as effective... not for fame, but to help others realize the greatness of our God. That is the kind of character Mr. Cook is.

To be honest, Leigh struggles with juxtaposing God’s greatness and all-powerfulness with His allowing sin and atrocities to occur.
“If God had protected her, that was awesome. But why allow any of it?”
This is a great question that many of us have, and it is well-answered.

I read this on my kindle. At first, I thought I had smudges on the screen. I finally figured out there were light “fingerprints” between chapters. How perfect.

With plenty of suspense, some romance, and a few great twists, Lynn H. Blackburn is a romantic suspense author to add to your must-read pile.
I will definitely be back for book two with my wetsuit on.

I gratefully received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley. This in no way influenced my opinions, freely given, for which I am solely responsible.