Jun. 13, 2018

The Road Home by Beverly Lewis

***** 5 stars

Another Winner for Lewis...

Sometimes location is a big draw for a book. I will read anything Beverly Lewis writes, but I was tickled pink to see that the novel starts out in Centerville, MI!! This is a place not far from me, and I looked for nuggets of familiarity. I was happy to see that the covered bridge, unusual for this area, merits a mention.

I was also happy to see the inclusion of the “Blizzard of ‘78.” Possibly mistimed to fit the story, the blizzard is infamous around these parts for its ferocity and unusual intensity, even here in Michigan. 

Lewis has a warm, welcoming writing style that pulls the reader into the story and makes her/him feel part of the family or community described.

It can be easy to adopt the attitudes of those around you. Indeed, immersed in the world of Lena and her family, I first felt love; then heart-wrenching sadness; a strong yearning for loved ones, and desperation borne of that love. 

I loved the way that Lena decides, miserable as she is, to “bloom where she is planted.” She has such a positive effect on others around her, even though her heart is breaking inside.

In her own gentle way, Lewis weaves her faith message seamlessly throughout the book. It never seems forced, only natural, presented in small, tasteful bites.
...”Lena wondered if she ought to pray about something so minor. Cousin Mimi likely would. She talks to God about practically everything...” 

If you like Christian Amish stories recounted by one of the best, pick up your own copy of Beverly Lewis’s The Road Home. I received a complimentary copy from the publisher and NetGalley. This in no way affected my opinions, given voluntarily, for which I am entirely responsible. Also, I am not related to the author.