May. 31, 2018

The Heart's Appeal, #1 London Beginnings by Jennifer Delamere

**** 4 stars

Female Drs, Connections to George Muller...

The heart leads where one least expects, against all odds. This is what Julia Bernay and Michael Stephenson discover in 1881 London. Julia saves Michel’s life in an “underground” accident. Too soon she discovers he is part of the firm suing to close the college for women doctors, the very college Julia hopes to join the next year. 

I found Julia a little presumptuous in her assessment of doctors who already had their licenses when she had as yet to go to medical school. It was gratifying to see that she was willing to challenge some outdated medical notions, but I personally would have liked Julia to be a little more humble in her approach towards people. 

There were plenty of spiritual lessons packed into the book. One observation particularly resounded with me.
“This room was stuffed with objects, yet there was not one that hinted at spiritual inquiry. She actually felt sorry for them, despite these outward trappings of success. Without a spiritual life, what was the point?”

It was neat to read of the connection made with George Müller’s orphanages, and some of the real-life lessons he taught the children. Said Mr. Müller, “if an answer from God is a long time coming, the best way to pass the time is to keep busy helping someone else.”

Sometimes the lessons seemed to be the main point of the book, as opposed to fit into it seamlessly. Others may disagree. Overall, still a good read.

A couple of great, unexpected twists in this book. These really enhanced the storyline and message.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley, with no positive review required. This did not influence my opinions, for which I am solely responsible.