May. 7, 2018

The Captured Bride: Daughters of the Mayflower #3, by Michelle Griep

***** 5 stars

Traitor and Female Scout Make Combustible Journey in French and Indian War...

Mercy Lytton is the strangest thing Elias DuBois has ever seen. A slip of a woman, both Mohawk and white, she is a renowned scout for the English. And her pride and stubbornness, ooh, la, la!! Almost as great as her talent.

Elias DuBois is perhaps the sorriest thing Mercy Lytton has ever seen. Beaten until he is half-dead, condemned as a traitor to the English, DuBois can only escape the hangman’s noose by joining an elaborate scheme. One that forces him and Mercy to work closely together, trust or not. This is the premise of The Captured Bride, Daughters of the Mayflower #3, by Michelle Griep.

Michelle Griep has earned her way onto my favorite authors' list. She can take any period of history (in this case the French and Indian War) and turn it into a living, breathing, “I-dare-you-to-escape-by-the-nape-of your-neck” experience. Griep was once a protégé of Laura Frantz; if you like Frantz, you will love Griep. She has a painter’s way with words that causes me to smile at the stunning visual images she evokes.

A couple of favorite phrases:

“An arrow once shot could not be re-quivered.”

“Strength without common sense was worse than dangerous.”

I highly recommend this book and this series for history lovers or those who want to learn what history may have been. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author and NetGalley as well. (I also bought a copy as a gift.) My opinions, for which I am solely responsible, are not influenced by the complimentary copies.