Mar. 18, 2018

A Refuge Assured by Jocelyn Green

***** 5 stars

Terrifying, Romantic Look at History


A Refuge Assured by Jocelyn Green, is a wonderful, terrible, haunting story of orphans, guarded hearts, and an unusual view of the French Revolution. I have never actually heard of the French Revolution in which case there is any sympathy for Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Green takes the time to straighten out a few misconceptions and share a recent finding I’d never heard.

Sadness ruled inside me as I read about the savagery of the French Revolution. Green well portrays the beauty of nature, Paris, and eventually, America. Yet she also conveys the fear that is begotten in the streets of Paris and meant for the king and his courtiers. I connected very well with Vivienne and felt the fear of The Age of Reason, a fear as strong as an inescapable skunk odor. This fear can be felt, tasted, and smelled before the tragedy actually descends.

Transversing the ocean brings temporary relief, but as in real life, Vivienne’s fears and enemies catch up with her. While there is not yet any guillotine in America, there are the Jacobins, ready to turn in any who might be loyal to the French crown. Two men are like leeches to Vivienne. Does either have her best at heart? What of Liam, the Irishman?

“Hold your friends close, and your enemies closer.” Perhaps that would be one piece of advice I would give both Liam and Vivienne. Who can be trusted? This question permeates the book. Finally, both Liam and Vivienne find the greatest One in Whom to put their faiths.

Green does a masterful work as she shows that those who don’t know and understand history are doomed to repeat it. In America, with the Revolutionary War just over,  new unrest has started over a whiskey tax. Americans are ready to revolt, following the example of the French in their revolution, who followed, to some degree, the case of the Americans’ rebellion against England.

I will read this book over many times. It is worth it. Highly recommended. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. No positive review is required, and all opinions are solely my own.