Feb. 18, 2018

Phoebe's Light, #1 Nantucket Legacy by Suzanne Woods Fisher

***** 5 stars

Great Dual Timeline Novel of Historic Nantucket Island


Phoebe's Light starts by showing the severe persecution the Quakers endured when they first came to Massachusetts. This led to a small group leaving the mainland for a small island they called Nantucket.

Generations later, we meet Phoebe Starbuck. She is tired of her landlubber father's losing ways and enamored of two very different men, one a whaler and one a landlubber. Her choice leads to an adventure quite unlike her expectations. She finds three things to help her. Her faith,  the diary of a great-grandmother, and the faithfulness of a good friend.

This story includes some very sobering moments. I was thankful to find that Suzanne Woods Fisher lightened some of those with a great and timely sense of humor.

This is a novel of dual timelines that fit together perfectly at the end. This was one of the best-woven tie-ins I've seen in this genre. With this book, Suzanne Woods Fisher is cementing her place in my list of favorite authors. I cannot wait for the next installment!