Feb. 9, 2018

Who the Bishop Knows, #3 The Amish Bishop Mysteries by Vannetta Chapman

***** 5 stars

Great Conclusion to Amish Cozy Series!

Who the Bishop Knows is the third book and conclusion in this sweet Amish cozy murder mysteries. If that doesn't sound like a juxtaposition, it should. I think that is why I like Vannetta Chapman's series so well. She holds up the slower, trusting life of the Amish, represented by Henry Lapp and Emma Fisher and her clan, against the fast-paced life of the English world as it invades Henry and Emma's world once again with murder.

I love Henry and Emma and so many things about them. Their growing relationship as they prepare for their marriage; their gentleness and determination to be supportive of each other in whatever way possible; and also, their mutual love for their flock as well. They complement each other perfectly in their care for the People.

Chapman reminds us that Amish young people face the same temptations as their Englischer counterparts. Jeremiah Schwartz has his sights set on the rodeo circuit before (if) he joins the Church, and something about that desire brings his death.

Chapman ups the ante in this last book by limiting Henry's abilities. It is so neat to see how he and Emma finally reach their conclusions by other means.There were several other surprises as well that helped make this story the treat that I had expected. If you love Amish and cozies, you won't go wrong in picking up this series or this book. Best as part of the series, Who the Bishop Knows can stand alone as well.

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Quotable: " Sometimes dishonesty wasn't a matter of telling a lie. Sometimes it was as simple as not telling the truth."