Nov. 28, 2017

Vanishing Point, #4 Nikki Boyd Files by Lisa Harris

***** 5 stars

Frightening and Thought-Provoking...

One of the most terrifying Christian romantic suspense books I've read, Lisa Harris's Vanishing Point left me shaky, thoughtful and wondering. Shaky because the subject matter was so dark at times. Thoughtful because of Jordan's burning question..."Where was God when these girls were abducted and terrified?" How do you answer that?! And wondering because of the trajectory of Jordan and Garrett's romance. 

One quote was especially meaningful to me. I think I might memorize it.
Garrett says,"But I'm realizing sometimes you can't fix people or relationships. Sometimes all you can fix is yourself.You have to forgive them, love them, and then move on."

I highly recommend this book if you like very intense Christian romantic suspense. Part of a series, this book stood alone well.
I gratefully received a complimentary copy from the publisher, which in no way affected my opinions which are strictly my own.