Oct. 5, 2017

Of Spice and Men,#3 Pancake House Mysteries, by Sarah Fox

***** 5 stars

Yummy, Spooky Mystery...

The seaside town of Wildwood Cove is all atwitter. Hollywood stars, producers, and accompanying entourage are in town for a remake of the horror movie, The Perishing.

Christine, makeup and special effects artist;invites Marley,owner of the Flipside,a local pancake house;and Sienna to her trailer to view her work. However, before they have a chance to be overawed by Christine's artistic prowess, they are shocked by her demise.

Much of Sarah Fox's third Pancake House novel, Of Spice and Men, hinges on the relationship between Brett and Marley. Unfortunately, it is a very tremulous relationship due to the revelation that Alyssa, the leading lady, is Brett's ex-live-in.

We see enough of Marley at work,and  different dishes mentioned, to feel like she is really spending her time at work.(One of my pet peeves is when a main character spends all her time solving the  mystery and leaves her business hanging on others' shoulders.)

This is a very satisfying mystery and I certainly could understand both Brett's and Marley's frustrations with the path their relationship was taking. Their angst was very palpable and believable. 

This is the second Pancake House mystery I have read. I really enjoy the ocean side setting, the pancake house business background, as well as the main couple. There are a couple of secondary characters I hope to learn more about. (Chloe and Sienna and Ivan, for starters.)

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher. This in no way affected my opinions, for which I alone am responsible.