Oct. 3, 2017

Colors of Christmas by Olivia Newport

**** 4 stars...

Hope Renewed at Christmas...


Astrid, an older lady, finds herself in a nursing home following a fall. Rather than feel sorry for all tbe changes she has gone through, she  ferrets out a need in her physical tberapist, Carly.

Carly seems lonely and verging on the edge of paranoia. Astrid tries to encourage Carly to seek God, telling Carly there is always a  time of second chances with God. Also, the whole Christmas season is one of hope. Will Astrid's urging finally get through to Carly, or will both Carly and Astrid spend 
the holidays  in a strange place,away from those they hold dear?

A mature piano teacher who recently lost her best friend is shocked to discover that the committee that plans the Christmas festival has unanimously named her the new chair. Uncomfortable, stressed, and stymied at every turn, how can Angela produce a festival honoring her departed friend and pleasing to the townsfolk? After much despair, is it possible that Angela can find her hope fanned into flame by God, and will relationships forged in difficulty produce triumph?

Both of these stories start out with mature women who have every "right" to  feel sorry for themselves. Yet, as they give themselves to the God Who sent Baby Jesus, they find hope renewed, which energizes them and others around them. The importance of relationship, first heavenly, then earthly, shines through. Their stories may be fictional, but are realistic enough to be truly inspirational.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher. This did not affect my opinions, for which I am solely responsible.