Aug. 29, 2017

When the Bishop Needs an Alibi, #2 the Amish Bishop Mysteries by Vannetta Chapman

***** 5 stars 

Unusually kind, wise bishop. I loved him!!

love this series by Vannetta Chapman! Imagine the most peaceful, serene atmosphere you know(for many of us, an Amish community). Juxtapose that against the worst scenario possible(trying to expose a crime while hoping not to lose your life). Bingo. Herein is the setting for Chapman's second book of the Amish Bishop series, When the Bishop Needs an Alibi.

First of all, I am in love with the gentleness of these particular people Chapman has presented. This is one unusual bishop in an Amish community. He truly loves his people and loves helping them with their burdens. Indeed, it is this compassion that draws him to Sophia Brooks.

I enjoyed the physical setting of the book as well. The San Luis Valley of Colorado sits between mountains and has (at least, in this story) a nature preserve. How awesome it sounded!

Chapman enjoys including relevant Amish proverbs, a few English proverbs, and many well-placed Bible verses. These enhance the story so much.

One thing I like, though, is that the Amish and Englischers have found a way to live and work together. Every community could take lessons in compatibility from this area.

Unfortunately, good as this book was, it reminded me at the end of a phone call with a loved one that can't quite end. The book reached its climax, then seemed to have an afterthought. Then that chapter finished, and there would be another seeming afterthought. Then another. The book could have wrapped up neatly a little earlier.

All in all, though, a story not to be missed. It can be a stand alone, but is much better read as the second book in the series. Waiting to see if there will be a third.