Aug. 14, 2017

Convicted by Jameel McGee and Andrew Collins

*****5 stars

Local Headlines, Supernatural Results!!


We read the headlines in the local paper as Andrew Collins,a Benton Harbor detective, was indicted for lying on police reports, possessing drugs with intent to sell, and generally being a dishonest cop. I remember the sinking feeling,as a nearby community member, knowing that many drug users and abusers would now be released because of this dishonest cop.

What we didn't know, as Paul Harvey used to say, was the rest of the story. Now, almost 11 years later, Andrew Collins has teamed up with one of those people he helped wrongfully convict, Jameel McGee, to write the book, Convicted. 

It is a story of two men, one black and one white, in a racially divided town(still very racially segregated, in thinking and living quarters). One man, who had power, used it wrongly against the innocent powerless and ruined his life. Yet the powerful is cast down, as well.

What God brings out of the ashes is truly unimaginable to me, someone who lives nearby. Only God could bring about such change in not one, but two hearts! This is an incredible story of forgiveness that only God can write.

I wish everyone in our county, and in any racially charged area could read this story, be drawn to Christ, then ask if he/she is forgiving as Christ commands. These men are leading the way by their example!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher, which in no way influenced my opinions,which are solely my own.