Aug. 6, 2017

The Return,#3 Amish Beginnings by Suzanne Woods Fisher

***** 5 stars

Blown Away by Reality of Fictional Account!

Life on the Pennsylvania frontier is not easy. It is even harder if you are,like Tessa Bauer's family, Amish pacifists surrounded by Indian raids and hot-headed whites who would destroy all Indians.

When Betsy Zook's family is the victim of an Indian raid, Bairn Bauer,Tessa's father, and his brother Felix must lead the community through a tumultuous time,yet seek to safely recover the missing family members.

Jealousy, greed, prejudice and unforgiveness struggle mightily against love, peace, and forebearance. A much darker book than I had expected, but true to its time.

Helpful additions to the book were many. There was an index in the front of various characters and their relationships. At the back, the author sorts the fact from fiction in the book. Also included are discussion questions good for solo use or a book club.

An eye-opener, for sure!!