Aug. 4, 2017

Sovereign's War:Robin Hood:Demon's Bane III by Debbie Viguié and James Tuck

***** 5 stars

Light and Dark War Amps Up to Terrific Crescendo...

What an amazing ending to a dark and chilling retelling of Robin Hood! Since "Sovereign's War" is the third of the series, it really needs to be read following the other two. I even went back and reread some of book two, just to get back in the flow of of events.

Tuck and Viguié have once again combined to write a gritty, chilling tome full of magic, fey, and destruction. Yet, this, more than any of the others, is also a book of hope seeping into the darkness, and the darkness not being able to withstand it.

I found this terrifying tale to remind me of not only the struggle between Light and Dark, but also many phrases and situations seemed to have Biblical allusions, if one wants to see them.

The good, the bad, the ugly: it's all here in Sovereign's War. Who wins will determine not only the fate of England, but possibly the world.