Jul. 15, 2017

Over Maya Dead Body, #3 Serena Jones Mysteries by Sandra Orchard

****4.5 stars

Great Book, but Abrupt Ending to Series...

Heading out for a wedding of a family friend, Serena Jones and her family discover the friend dead. Believing foul play in action, Serena races to catch a possible antiquities smuggler/murderer before he/her silences Serena and others.

There is much to like in this 3rd Serena Jones installment. First, though, let me say it is important to read the books in order to get the full effect. The love triangle between Nate, Serena, and Tanner continues and takes some surprising turns. Orchard employed an unusual 
tactic in this series. She allowed readers to vote which beau Serena should eventually end up with...and had to change her own story to make that happen!(This is why the novel did not receive 5 stars from me- it did not seem as balanced between rivals as usual.)

What an exhausting vacation Serena has! She deals with death and pursuing possible murderers. She fends off her matchmaking mother and aunt. Both Tanner and Nate come to help, yet entangle her confused heart. Plus Aunt Martha brings extra excitement, duplicity, and her own love triangle.

Great book, yet I felt like the series was shut down abruptly. Sad it could only be three books. So much more action could happen.