Jul. 10, 2017

My Heart Belongs on Mackinac Island:Maude's Moorings by Carrie Fancett Pagels

****4.5 stars

Pride, Greed and Manipulations Abound...

Maude Welling, beloved relative of half of the residents on Mackinac Island, nevertheless loses the love of her sweetheart, Greyson, who chooses a wealthy heiress as his bride. Maude is devastated. Not only has she lost her best friend and fiancé, but she is not allowed to run father's inn without being married. Unwilling  and unable to leave island, Maude has to devise a way to keep from losing her promised heritage.

Friedrich Konig, a wealthy German,is a summer visitor staying at the Grand Hotel. He piques Maude's interest but is secretive and manipulative.

Pride, greed, lost love,and manipulations abound.  Can Maude and others choose to relinquish their own plans and trust in God's? Or will they perpetuate history and be victims of a vengeful, bitter woman long dead? 

I loved the view of island life and seeing how the snooty rich lived on the backs of the poor laborers. 
I did feel like some loose ends were not tied up, which made me question the ending. However, a sequel may be in the offing,and perhaps those questions will be addressed. 

 “It’s amazing what can happen when one seeks to do God’s will instead of insisting on one’s own way about things.”