Jun. 28, 2017

Dark Deception, #2 Defenders of Justice by Nancy Mehl

***** 5 stars

Totally Believable, Absolutely Chilling!!


What an incredibly fascinating, engrossing suspense this story by Nancy Mehl is! Dark Deception will draw you in immediately and refuse to release its icy hold until the last words have been read. What I intended to be "just a few minutes" turned into a mini reading marathon as I stayed up late to devour the book before terror consumed me.

The lone witness to a botched murder, Kate O'Brien is brought out of Witness Protection in order to retry the "Blue-Eyed Killer" who got off 2 times on different technicalities. Maybe because the suspect admitted to being said serial killer, yet another trial would begin. The question is, of course, whether Deputy Marshall Tony DeLuca can keep Kate safe long enough to testify.

Two concepts make this such a great book. One is the infusion of faith into dreadful situations. Conversations are natural, believable, and real. The second tactic that makes this book shine is the roller-coaster-like twists and turns of action; as well as the ping-pong information,misinformation, scuttling and reformation of knowledge base about the murder. 
Totally believable, absolutely chilling, and addictive until the end.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley. This did not influence the opinions in my review, freely given, and totally my own.