Jun. 28, 2017

A Love Song for Kayla, #1 Melodies of Love by Kimberly Rose Johnson

***** 5 stars

Truly Enjoyable!

Kimberly Rose Johnson is a master of creating increasingly loveable,memorable leading men and women in her series. Kayla and Derek, in A Love Song for Kayla, are very relatable, as the reader watches them meet, become interested, then encounter obstacles in their relationship.

I really enjoyed these two, although I met them after reading the sequel, An Encore for Estelle. This book seemed all the sweeter, as I knew its destination, but wondered how on earth Ms. Johnson was going to bring about a satisfactory ending with all the trouble she had created(a fire, ex-girlfriend, time constraints, etc).

I also loved watching one of the supporting characters and the way life changed as Christ came in. It wasn't easy, but it did happen.

The quote I liked came from the part where Derek is discussing his original life's dream with his mother. He finally replies, "I'll think about it."
His mother, in her halting speech, shoots back, "No! You talk...to him[God]." Score one for mama's wisdom!!

I'll be there for book three. Expect sweet, Christian romance with the message smoothly woven into the story, yet an integral part.