Jun. 25, 2017

Finding Love at the Oregon Coast:a Romantic Novella Collection by Angela Ruth Strong,Christina Corye

***** 5 stars

Totally Loved It!!

Somehow, books by Angela Ruth Strong always end up on my favorites list. Granted, Finding Love on the Oregon Coast is a compilation of 4 novellas, three by other authors, but these all had such a strong story line tie-in.

One bride-to-be makes it minutes from the altar,only to realize that the man she is marrying isn't the person she needs. The reader is then whisked into the stories of her three bridesmaids, who one-by-one,find the man of their dreams when they let go of their own understanding and let God. 

Finally, the reader returns to the runaway bride. Having read other romance novels by Angela Ruth Strong, I was nevertheless surprised to see that this one would include Dave Lake, another brother of a family of single men about whom Strong has been writing. The book was already good,but that really amped up my interest! Strong has a unique writing style that includes romance, angst, faith, and humor. My reading soul comes away from her books fully sated. Too bad there can't be about 20 Lake brothers!!