Jun. 20, 2017

Bad Housekeeping,#1An Agnes and Effie Mystery by Maia Chance

*** 3 stars

Unable to Suspend Disbelief...

Dumped by her longtime live-in boyfriend, Agnes Blythe is back in Naneda at her father's house. Her great-aunt Effie shows up to complicate matters, and before the reader can blink, Agnes and Effie are wildly chasing possible leads all over town, both starting and dodging rumors about who could have killed one of town's most powerful women.

Language and situations kept this from being a book I would recommend,although I did find myself caring about the characters. I have to admit, I truly did want to know more about Agnes, Roger, Otis, Effie, and even the mayor and the housekeeper. 

Other things I found to like in the book:it seemed almost ALL the characters in this town were quirky. There were several laughs at the author's ability to turn a descriptive phrase. Action abounded.

Things I didn't like, besides language and situations, had to do with inability to suspend disbelief. One issue that was "solved" just didn't have enough supporting evidence in the book why that character would have a desire to act in such a manner. I found another somewhat major solution just implausible given the set-up.

I was given a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley. I am freely leaving a review, for whose contents I am solely responsible.