Jun. 20, 2017

My Daughter's Legacy, #3 Cousins of the Dove by Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould

***** 5 stars

Stunning Conclusion!!

If you like Christian historical fiction, in particular franco-american fiction(the Huguenots, Colonial America, Civil War); all intertwined with equally suspenseful contemporary fiction, DO NOT miss this brilliant series!

Clark and Gould bring their amazing franco-american Cousins of the Dove series to a stunning conclusion in this final book, My Daughter's Legacy. Told from two different points of view, one hundred fifty years apart, this is a book and series not to be missed. 

The book starts out presenting two seemingly loosely related cords,that of recovering addict Nicole Talbot and her Civil War relative,Therese Jennings. Yet the authors skillfully maneuver their opposing stories through twists and turns with surprising outcomes,until the two accounts meld into one shocking whole.

Truly, Richmond sounded like an exciting, dangerous place to live in Civil War times. Loyalties were not always what they seemed, then or in the contemporary section of the book,either.

Emotionally, this book will cause you to feel everything the characters endured. Fear, decisiveness, stealth, righteous anger, protectiveness towards a child, confusion, certainty, love, hate, and the list goes on. Be prepared.

Two quotes I enjoyed:
"...perhaps life was never as simple as it could appear for anyone-not now and not back then either." 

"Remember,if you save the lives of one hundred men, you will have done more for your country than if you had fought a hundred battles."- Jefferson Davis

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. I have left a review voluntarily, and all opinions are solely my own.