Jun. 7, 2017

An Encore for Estelle, #2 Melodies of Love by Kimberly Rose Johnson

***** 5 stars

Heartwarming, Fun, Surprising...

What an incredibly heartwarming, fun and surprising romance An Encore for Estelle is! Kimberly Rose Johnson has penned the second in her intriguing contemporary romance series, Melodies of Love. 

Estelle Rogers, a washed-up actress, returns to Oak Knoll,Oregon, to find refuge with one of the few friends she has left. Little does she know that Helen Wood has ulterior motives involving Estelle and Helen's handyman Blake Price,who runs the local summer children's theater. 

First off,I was captivated by the ambience of the small coastal town, and the beauty of the area. Then I was snared by the sweet, yet faith-impacting romance that took a few surprising turns. I also loved how Estelle and Kayla worked together and developed such an amazing friendship considering their background. Another  reason to love the book was the interactions of Estelle and Blake with the children and parents of the theater.

A quotable:
" He understood the Lord had healing for him, and it was up to him to receive that healing."

It all adds up to time very pleasantly spent with two more seeking hearts by Kimberly Rose Johnson. As soon as Ms. Johnson brings Estelle and Blake's story to a satisfying resolution, she gives us a small taste of her next novel. I will be anxiously waiting!