May. 21, 2017

Threads of Suspicion,#2 Evie Blackwell Cold Case by Dee Henderson

*** 3 stars

Not Compelling as Expected...

Dee Henderson has made a name for herself in Christian romantic suspense. It can be hard for others to live up to the high bar that Henderson sets. In the case  of Threads of Suspicion, Book II of Evie Blackwell Cold Case Mysteries, Henderson writes well, but doesn't meet her previous standards of the O'Malley series.

Lieutenant Evie Blackwell and a group of other detectives, including David Marshall, are assigned by the governor to revisit cold cases in counties across the state. Evie is trying to discover what happened to a college co-ed, Jenna, who disappeared after a concert. Her partner, David, is tasked with locating a detective who went missing some years previous.

Evie and David find their cases intertwine and spend time working together. As they work, they have spiritual conversations that are realistic and very frank, yet slow the pace of the action. I kept wondering if Henderson could have planted the Biblical ideas little by little, so the story line didn't seem so disjointed.

Needless to say, I had a hard time connecting to the book. Maybe I was expecting more action, which eventually came,but not enough to call this a favorite book, as I had hoped.

Still, there was much good conversation to take to heart. Here are some examples.
"Life reveals truth."
"God appreciates justice even more than we do, so it makes sense that He'd be interested in helping us find it."

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. This did not influence my opinions, for which I am solely responsible.