May. 11, 2017

Beyond Justice by Cara Putman

*****5 stars

Fast Paced Legal Thriller...

Hot off a big courtroom win, up-and-coming lawyer Hayden McCarthy is tapped for a clandestine,high priority case. The more questions Hayden asks, the more threats, death,oddities at the law firm, and other strange coincidences surround  the bizarre case.  

Beyond Justice is a very fast paced legal thriller by Cara Putman. The characters, whether Miguel,whom the reader sees for only moments, or Mrs. Rodriguez, Andrew, Emilie,Jorge, and Hayden;are all so believable in their fear,faith, and actions.

I especially liked the tenacity I saw in characters. Each of the above players in this drama holds onto what he/she feels each is called to do,regardless of the cost.

And costly it is. Jobs, hidden secrets, security, safety, even life itself. Nothing is sacred to el jefe,who is determined to recover damaging information.

I thought Director Snowden well-named,although "Snowdem" might have been even better!

Good writing often includes quotables. A few:
 "Anywhere there is a void, evil likes to take a foothold.”
"If only her butterflies would fly in formation."

A truly fascinating study of human nature's best vs. worst, with acknowledgement that faith in God is our ultimate foundation. 

I gratefully received a copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher. I am freely leaving my review. All opinions are solely my own responsibility.