Apr. 23, 2017

Sandpiper Cove, #3 Hope Harbor series by Irene Hannon

***** 5 stars

Chancy, Costly Romance in Small Town, USA

Quite chancy, the premise behind Sandpiper Cove by Irene Hannon. Small town Police Chief Lexie Graham gradually falls for a man with a prisoner's past. What will happen to her reputation? In addition, she trusts this same man, Adam Stone, to mentor a teenager who is headed for trouble. How can this NOT end in disaster?

This is the first Irene Hannon book I have read that is not romantic suspense. Hannon excels in this category as well. I was surprised to see that this is book three in Hope Harbor series. Sandpiper Cove stands alone well.

I love the people of Sandpiper Cove. From Lexie and Adam, who take turns doubting the wisdom of a relationship like theirs; to Taco Charlie; the "feuding" pastor and priest; and Matt and Annette. While most townspeople are sweet and caring, some carry huge burdens they struggle to move beyond, and others just cause those around them to struggle.

Fortunately for us readers, Hannon draws her subjects with enough flaws or conflicts with others that we are quickly caught up in their struggles. The resolutions seem realistic and plausible in real life. The faith component makes the book shine as the message is deftly woven into its fabric. I was thrilled to read that Ms. Hannon will be returning with us for more of Hope Harbor in the future!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. I was not required to leave a positive review, and all opinions are solely my own.