Apr. 19, 2017

What the Bishop Saw

***** 5 stars

With the Father's Eyes

When a much disliked Amish man dies in a fire set by an arsonist, Bishop Henry Lapp must guide his people to safety and the truth. It doesn't help that the Englischer they have to communicate with most is a young, brash,red-haired female investigator. As the arsonist ramps up his attacks, Henry has to watch the People lose life, property, and even desire to remain in this Colorado community. Will he make the ultimate sacrifice that almost cost him dearly years ago in Goshen, In?

I truly love Vanetta Chapman's Amish mysteries, and this is the best one yet. So often the bishop of the People is portrayed as being strict, stiff, and power-hungry. Henry is none of these. He truly seeks God's will in all things, puts others before himself, and sees people with "the Father's Eyes." It would be a blessing to be a friend of Henry's.

We also get to know Emma's family. They are as complex as Henry, and are woven into the story along with others of the church to make a tightly woven,multi-dimensional tale.

One quote true for Amish and Englischers alike:
"They would all be remembered by their deeds, their kindnesses to one another,and the roots of love they left behind."
What The Bishop Saw motivates me to ask God for vision to see people as incredibly compassionately as Henry and ultimately God our Father see them.

I gratefully received this book from the publisher and NetGalley. I am freely leaving a review. I am solely responsible for the opinions therein.