Apr. 16, 2017

Finding Love in Park City, Utah,#3 in Resort to Love by Angela Ruth Strong

***** 5 stars

Highly Recommended!!

CJ is desperate for an interview with Sam's sister-in-law, actress Emily Van Arsdale Lake. Having broken his ankle, Sam cannot participate in his favorite activities in this Olympic training town. Thus,he is relegated to bodyguard for Emily, at the Sundance Film Festival, where he frustrates a determined CJ.

Angela Ruth Strong has a talent of presenting characters that are "out of most people's leagues," yet creating them very human and fascinating. Strong certainly shows how even these people have issues as she introduces us to great-looking Sam and beautiful reporter CJ Lancaster.

While Sam and CJ share an attraction and a faith, both have baggage,which threatens to create an ultimate divide between them.

I love that Sam disdains his gifts and abilities like many of us do. What will it take for him to realize that God gave him those abilities and is happy when we exercise those for him?

Unfortunately for Sam and CJ, that is just one of the hurdles they must overcome. Fortunately for us, the readers, we see how God ultimately breaks through their difficulties and raises them above. It is such a clear extension to the reader's life from there.

I highly recommend this book. There are so many lessons for real life. You will won't want to miss the fun as you assimilate truths about God and His overcoming love.