Apr. 16, 2017

Ready to Fumble, #1 Worst Detective Ever by Christy Barritt

***** 5 stars

Highly Recommended!!

How can you not love a bumbling starlet, often mistaken for her tv character, who in real life, only wants to find her missing father? Poor Joey Darling, aka Raven Remington, stumbles into a mystery when a fan asks her to find a missing person.

Just plain fun(and funny) to read, it is so easy to sympathize with Joey. She may not know what she's doing, but she truly cares about people,and she can fake the know-how. Barritt makes the story especially interesting by creating a possible love interest triangle. Who will Joey choose? I imagine we will get several books into the series before we find out!

Faith, humor, romance, all contained in a cozy. It doesn't get any better than one penned by Christy Barritt. I highly recommend this series!!