Mar. 14, 2017

Murder is No Accident,#3 A Hidden Springs Mystery by AH Gabhart

*****5 stars

You'll Never See the Ending Coming!!


If you like Christian, a light murder mystery,suspense,and a small town with a touch of romance, you'll love AH Gabhart's Murder is No Accident. The setting is the beautiful old Chandler mansion. When the local real estate agent dies, it appears to be an accident...but someone knows different and is threatening poor young Maggie to keep quiet.

Gabheart gives us plenty of complicated characters to care about, from Alex and her uncle;to Deputy Michael Keane and his aunt; to Maggie and her family; and don't forget Fonda!

Kudos to Gabheart on the solution. I just didn't see it coming, and chances are, most readers won't. Totally made sense, but left me in awe of Gabheart's writing prowess.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher,which did not influence my review. I also received a copy from NetGalley. I am solely responsible for the opinions therein.