Mar. 14, 2017

Presumed Dead by Angela Ruth Strong

*****5 stars

So Many Twists...

A guy just can't catch a break. Preston Tyler has just reappeared after the military faked his death four years ago. Now his former girlfriend, Holly Fontaine, is in danger and fleeing for her life. Will making himself known help or worsen Holly's chances,or will he just face life behind bars?

There are so many twists in Presumed Dead by Angela Ruth Strong,it can only be described as serpentine. Just when things start to go well for Holly and Preston, the tides turn and the reader is thrown for a loop...over and over again. It was as if a turtle would right itself, only to be flipped on its back,repeatedly. Preston,trying to catch a break, and the reader, vicariously,ARE that turtle.

One huge difference though, is that Preston could choose to accept help. Holly repeatedly reminds Preston God wants to be present to help him, but Preston is not so sure.

Well-written, suspenseful, and engaging, this is a Christian romance you'll not want to miss!