Mar. 13, 2017

A Note Yet Unsung, #3 Belmont Mansion Series by Tamera Alexander

*****5 stars

Last of the Belmont Mansion Series...

Tamera Alexander bids us return to the Belmont Mansion and post-Civil War Nashville in A Note Yet Unsung. Denied her one passion in life because of her gender, Rebekah Carrington becomes instead a violin tutor to Adelecia Acklen Cheatham's young daughter. As Rebekah's musical talent becomes apparent, she must help a struggling young maestro in his life's dream work, while realizing hers will not become a reality.

Alexander always presents the struggles between the races and social classes with a heart-breaking realism and candid examination. She is also careful to balance out the picture with those of privilege or supposed superiority who understand that " all men are created equal" and live out that truth. 

Whether the opulent halls of Belmont, the lavish new opera house, or the lowly house in the hills, Alexander paints all skillfully with the master brush of a true wordsmith. Much research and detail has gone into this series, and it will leave haunting memories long after the books are closed.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, which did not affect my opinions nor was I compelled to leave a positive review.