Jan. 4, 2017

A Moonbow Night by Laura Frantz

***** 5 stars

Be Sure to Check Out Maps on Frantz's Website!!

Laura Frantz deftly fulfills my inner need for accurate, exciting, and detail-oriented Christian historical fiction. Frantz's characters in a Moonbow Night will sate and romance your reading soul as they blaze a breath-taking trail through the Cumberland area of Kentucke and into your heart.

Tempe Tucker's family originally had attempted an entrance into the forbidding Kentucke territory alongside Daniel Boone and his family. When disaster strikes, they are forced to start a new life filled with uncertainty and secrets.

Sion Morgan is a lawyer turned surveyor, in need of a guide. Tempe, to her chagrin, is offered up as the best. Can Tempe safely guide a motley group of questionable men while guarding her reputation and her heart?

What I love most(besides her sweeping saga writing style)is the way Laura uses every character to show us the danger of the times. No one has the luxury of sitting on the fence during the Revolutionary War. England is fanning into flame the Indians' hatred of encroaching settlers. Every character touched my soul as he/she found his or her feet held to the crucible. Each decision would have life-changing results.

What I didn't love was the fact maps are only online, a fact I didn't even discover until reading the author's notes at the end. The maps need to be included in the book, because of the great descriptive detail Frantz uses about locations. At very least, I wish the note about online maps had been at the beginning of the book. I am not faulting the author, as this may be a publisher's decision, but I personally lost a lot of reading time unsuccessfully looking for period maps.

You haven't read great Christian historical fiction until you've read Laura Frantz. I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, but freely left my own review. I have already purchased this book for another.