Dec. 11, 2016

The Broken Trail, #1 Sweet River Redemption by Christa MacDonald

***** 5 stars

Full Heart Over Troubled Romance and School...

The Broken Trail is a beautiful tapestry of two broken hearts, doing a tango of love vs. safety. Set against the charming out-of-the-way tourist town of Sweet River, Maine, the story and characters ring true to life with heart aching accuracy. 

I loved everything about this sweet romance. Katherine Grant comes to town to check out irregularities in a small Christian school. Captain MacAlister is the by-the-book, terse policeman who rarely cracks a smile. While these characters get major attention, no characters fall flat. From Greg, a board member, to Pete, a helpful old man who befriends Kate, to Erin, to Stephanie;all are very realistic and human, interacting in different roles, yet coming together to weave a wonderful, tender, and tense tale.

Forgiveness, trust, and letting go of the tendency to own another's sins are thoughtfully examined. My heart is full after reading this book. I am excited that another will be following!