Dec. 1, 2016

Christmas Conspiracy, #6 First Responders by Susan Sleeman

***** 5 stars

Snagged by First Sentence!!

"Hot, ugly eyes stared at Rachael from black circles in the gunman's mask." Susan Sleeman again proves her excellence as a writer in her Christmas Conspiracy, #6 First Responders. She emotionally reaches in and pulls out your heart in the very first sentence. Not until the final sentence can you retrieve your heart again.

This volume is Jake's story. He finds himself defending a day-care worker,Rachael, and her charge from a murderous abductor. He also has to defend her from the accusations and suspicions of hid own team members.

The story and its conclusion read all too much like headlines. No believability issues here. But oh, the tension between living in the past or moving forward;listening to regulations or one's heart!

If you love romantic suspense, you can't go wrong with Susan Sleeman's latest. While the series doesn't have to be read in order, relationships appear from other stories.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. This review is freely offered, and opinions are my own.