Nov. 29, 2016

The Devoted, #3 The Bishop's Family by Suzanne Woods Fisher

***** 5 stars

Worth Multiple Readings...

Oh, wow! I am rereading parts of this book,The Devoted, by Suzanne Woods Fisher, to complete my review. It still leaves me with the same sense of awe and wonder I had the first time. I'm ready to read it all over again, already. Now there's a good book!

What makes for such a good book? Several things. Fisher presents us with an unusual bishop,David Stoltzfus,compared to the ones we usually see. David is thoughtful, not dogmatic or legalistic for their own sake. He wants to understand each situation separately.

David's son,Jesse,has his appearances, although the book focuses more on Ruth, David's sister, and Ruthie,his daughter. These characters are all well-drawn and rounded. So many people to follow with their relationships and feelings. Yet, Fisher ties them all together for a tremendously well-woven, warm Amish quilt feeling. When the book ends, you feel like you have been under that warm Amish quilt and don't want to come out, because you're way too comfortable and happy.

Suzanne Woods Fisher just was added to my list of favorite Amish authors. I received this book as a complimentary copy, but will not hesitate to buy any others. All opinions presented here are solely my own.