Nov. 13, 2016

Fatal Frost, #1 Defenders of Justice by Nancy Mehl

*****5 stars

Believable, Taut Romantic Suspense...

Nancy Mehl's name has come to mean two things to me: heart-in-throat suspense and a feeling of "this is so believable!" Ms. Mehl's latest novel, Fatal Frost, had me off balance and fighting for self control the whole book through.(It was so very hard not to peak ahead for the clues I couldn't quite decipher.)

Mercy, a US Marshall, her former boyfriend, Mark, another US Marshall, and her best friend, Tally, are hiding from the cartel. Problem is, there is a mole in the home office. Can they stay alive long enough to escape the clutches of the cartel and root out the mole?

If you desire romantic suspense that impresses you with its realism and frantic pace, Nancy Mehl is an excellent choice!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. This review is freely given and all opinions are my own.