Oct. 30, 2016

Amish Shadows, book 2 by Jenny Moews

*****5 stars

Fresh, Exciting Voice in Amish Suspense!!

Jenny Moews is a distinct, exciting voice in Amish murder mysteries. Moews populates this book, Amish Shadows, like her previous, with both Englischers and Amish who must find a way to cooperate to solve the crime. Like a typical Amish community, look for many family interconnections.

Murder, prison, the mob, the Amish?! Is the basic premise rather incredible?Yes, but Moews weaves her taut, suspenseful story in such a way the reader can set aside the disbelief. The characters of Peter and Dylan will stay with me for a long time as I remember their struggles, foibles, and beautiful hearts.

How great to know that we will get to meet yet another Amish/English couple in Moews's third book as they continue the search for the murderers from A Dark Amish Night, book one. These books really need to be read in order, then you will be ready for book three, Amish Nightfall!

Kudos to Jenny Moews for great Amish suspense!