Oct. 19, 2016

Praise is My Weapon by Dan Willis

*****5 stars

Book Carried My Spirit Away!!

This was a runaway "sleeper" for me. I generally read very little nonfiction, and very few Christian living books where I feel the author's theology will be markedly different from mine.

So, though I'd like to give that disclaimer, this book carried my spirit away by storm! Indeed, I loved the emphasis on praise. "Praise is not a suggestion. You were created to praise God," says Dan Willis,in Prayer is My Weapon.

 Here are a few points I'd like to highlight.First,according to Willis, there are several Hebrew words for praise. One is "shabach." It means to drown out other voices. "When we shabach God, we're saying, I'm choosing to shout louder than the voices trying to speak to me and every negative situation in my life...The louder you praise, the more your negativity will diminish. The louder you praise, the less you will have to worry about what the devil has said. Shabach the Lord!"

Another wonderful section addresses fear. 
"All I have to do- all I can do- is be faithful with what He has given me. I need only to give Him my best effort with whatever gifts I have...I need to stop worrying about how my efforts are received. I need to stop agonizing over the critics and the doubters and the naysayers. All those things are out of my control. I need to give those things to God and focus only on doing the best job I can with what I have been given." 

Wow! These are just two of the great nuggets that you may discover if you choose to read this book. God had these for me; He may direct your attention to others. Remember, our God inhabits praise!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for review from bookfun and the Book Club Network. I have given my own,honest opinion of the book.