Sep. 12, 2016

the Alliance, by Jolina Petersheim

*****5 stars

Uneasy Alliance; Survival Not Guaranteed

Jolina Petersheim presents an idea that is beginning to garner attention in her book, The Alliance. Could an electromagnetic shock wipe out all electricity and bring the world as we know it, to a halt? What sets Petersheim's book apart is that Englischers and Mennonites must combine forces in order to survive the coming depravity.

Filled with faith, doubt, loss, love, greed, and selflessness, I found this to be an engrossing story. What happened to Leora's father? to her sister? Which suitor will Leora choose? As Leora questions her theology versus her practical, pushed-to-the-edge attitudes and actions, I found myself soul-searching with her.

As I read the prelude for the sequel, I am just as anxious to find out how Petersheim gets her well-developed characters from point A to point B(hopefully where I want them to go).

Definitely worth the read. Petersheim's compelling prose thrusts the reader into a nightmare where survival is not guaranteed. You may be reevaluating the distance between black and white when you finish the story.

I gratefully received a copy of this book from the author and in exchange for an honest review.