Sep. 5, 2016

Deathwatch by VB Tenery

****4 stars

Exhilarating WWII Adventure!!

Wow! What a great,exhilarating picture of the brave English fighting the Germans in WWII, VB Tenery has given us. The hunt is on for the murderer of an English cryptologist. Underlying is the war-changing question, have the Nazis received English intelligence? We also see action in the French countryside, as the resistance risks their lives to halt the ongoing approach of the Germans, giving more time for the English to convince the Americans to join the war effort. Through detailed, suspense-filled books like Deathwatch, my knowledge of the strategies and machinations of WWII is becoming much more complete. 

This story moves very quickly with enough action for men and enough romance for women. There were definite Christian messages in isolated places, and a few words I would have preferred not to see in a Christian book.

Still, the overall effect was one of amazement of this Greatest Generation and their commitment to keep our world free from tyranny. Deathwatch would have received five stars from me, but there were grammar and spelling mistakes that were distracting to an otherwise perfect war adventure.

I gratefully received a copy of this book from the author and in exchange for my honest opinion.