Aug. 26, 2016

The Captive Heart by Michelle Griep

***** 5 Stars

Griep Writes with Style of Laura Frantz!!

With a writing style reminiscent of Laura Frantz, Michelle Griep captured my heart completely with her tome about the savage Carolina backwoods in colonial times. 

Indeed, if Michelle's name is new to you as it was to me, a look at some people who helped or influenced her writing would be a dead give away of a winner in the making. Ane Mulligan, Julie Klassen, MaryLu Tyndale, plus Laura Frantz, just to name-drop a few. Are your reader eyes salivating yet?!

Eleanor Morgan crosses the ocean to be a governess, only to have that possibility stolen from her. Instead, she finds herself bought as an indentured servant, then hastily wed to a rough, fearsome mountain man she can't understand. Her saving grace is raising his child, Grace, but even that has its perils. Eleanor has deep wounds from the past and is certain that she cannot overcome her father's prediction.

Samuel Heath has lived several lifetimes of experiences by the time he meets Eleanor, whom he gives a special nickname. Deep and not given to talk, can Samuel explain his own fears, Cherokee friends, and constant absences?

I felt like I lived through several breath-taking experiences with Eleanor, barely surviving the terrors and trepidations of one before the forest would again quiet unnaturally; the hair would rise in the back of my neck; and the a strange smell would assault my nostrils. 

Michelle has Laura Frantz's wonderful gift of beautifully describing the forest to involve all the senses. I wanted to hug little Grace! Who wouldn't identify with Eleanor's fears? They became my own as I rooted and prayed for a seemingly impossible happy resolution. Faith was well-interwoven.

In summation, look for Michelle Griep to be a new great name in historical fiction. Her deft prose in The Captive Heart has burned her name into my favorites list!!

I gratefully received this book from the author and NetGalley for an honest review.