Aug. 21, 2016

My Sister's Prayer, #2 Cousins of the Dove, by Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould

***** 5 stars

Gould and Clark Always Equal Gold!!

Mindy Starns Clark. Leslie Gould. With these two names as co-authors, the only question one needs to ask before buying is, which book in a series is it?

My Sister's Prayer is #2 in the Cousins of the Dove series. Written in first person POV, the reader meets two pairs of sisters, their thrilling stories alternating by scenes of present-day and the early 1700's Virginia.

Celeste Talbot is the obedient sister, Berta the wild one. However, one choice lands the young Talbot maidens in a strange land with more trouble around every corner than imaginable.

How could such a good girl go so wrong, and will she choose bitterness or forgiveness when the opportunity comes? The colonies are full of unsavory characters. Will the sisters trust those worthy of their friendship and love?

Meanwhile, in present day, perfectionist Maddee brings her sister Nicole to her house to recover from a drug-induced accident. The girls share a horrible secret from the past, but can Maddee trust Nicole, whose life has spiraled out of control since then? How does the reading of the eighteenth century Talbot sisters' letters influence the relationships of the twenty-first century Talbot sisters?

First, I would buy a Clark/Gould collaboration without giving any thought to the subject matter. They make such a dynamic fiction duo!!

The writing just envelops the reader and carries one along, just as if one is caught in a river's raging current, and just as fickle. One moment I'm excited, the next holding my breath, the next trying to tell characters how to act(they don't listen!), the next crying.

Finally, I finish the book and am spit up on the shore, gasping for breath, reeling from all that has happened. Incredibly, I wish I could start at the beginning and relive this wonderful,faith-filled historical with its present day counterpart all over again.

I gratefully received an e-copy of this book from NetGalley, plus I bought my own paperback version to keep on the shelf.