Aug. 18, 2016

Wedding Bell Blues, #2 Dixie Dew Mysteries by Ruth Moose

**** 4 stars

Fun, Southern Cozy...

Set in Littleboro, North Carolina, this #2 of the Dixie Dew Mysteries definitely begs a number three. The book took me a while to get truly interested, but then I was so in need of answers I carried my Kindle even to the supper(not dinner) table.

With characters like Crazy Reba, an older cognitively challenged lady who thinks not only is she getting married to God, but then she killed his better man, you know you're in for shenanigans. Add to that a lot of other quirky characters, like the mayor, Calista Moss (whose name rang spoofing bells for me);a sheriff that is transported from Yankee land; and a mysterious hunk who returns whose purpose in Littleboro is increasingly vague. 

You know the story should be worthwhile when the high-falooting mayor holds a "trashion show," one of the highlights of the town's first annual Green Bean Festival. In case you need any appetizers (for the mystery)besides the cheesy ones Beth conjures up, you may want to know the townspeople are called "Littleborians" and the town's most accurate gossip comes from a rag called "The Mess." Laughter is good for the soul.

The novel ends, as any good serial does, with some unfinished business in the reader's mind. Gotta come back for more helpings of this spoof-filled Southern tale with lessons about social justice.

I will leave you with one thing I especially didn't like, and one I did. Cozies are by definition, clean of language, but this one pushed the edge. What I found unique and loved? This B &B owner shirked her duties to sleuth, as many cozy protagonists do. However, her second in command, Ida Plum, feels free to let Beth know that she is leaving extra work for others to perform. Yet Ida loves Beth anyhow. Nice personality mix, it fits, and differs because most cozies don't seem to care that the business owner ignores his/her job. Big kudos on that point,Ruth Moose!!

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.