Aug. 16, 2016

The Artisan's Wife, #3 Refined by Love by Judith Miller

***** 5 stars

To Share or Not to Share...

Reading one of Judith Miller's books is always a treat. Miller includes a great historical detail, solid Scriptural truth without being preachy, and romance with a touch of impending doom.

The Artisan's Wife, #3 Refined by Fire, could stand alone, but I was thankful to have the background of the previous two books. It made the relationships that much easier to understand.

First to attract a reader is the book cover. The artist does a magnificent job portraying the West Virginia mountains, a sunset or sunrise, plus the beautiful protagonist on each cover of this series. Obviously, the artist has either read the book or at least been well informed.

In The Artisan's Wife, Ainslee McKay reluctantly moves to Weston, WV, to take over the family's newly acquired tile works. Full of resentment and fear, she hopes only to build up the business enough to attract a buyer.

A new hire, Levi Judson, soon proves to be invaluable after an unexpected catastrophe. However, Levi has secrets and dreams of his own. Will they mesh with Ainslee's?Or will the secrets of each destroy their fledgling relationship?

I loved how Ms. Miller showed the start of insane asylums, and how they were populated and run at their onset. She also includes a very informative note at the end, that answered a question in my mind.

I also love how she explains the working of a tile works of the time. Interesting how at least two of the three businesses in the McKay family include great artistic input!

Quotable: "Deep wounds can last for a lifetime;the real achievement is learning to to live a full life even when the scars remain."

A well-written, well- researched book. My biggest question is, can I share this wonderful book,or will I hoard it on my keeper shelf?!

I gratefully received a copy of this book from Revellreads in exchange for my honest opinion