Aug. 14, 2016

To Capture Her Heart, #2 Southold Chronicles by Rebecca Demarino

**** 4 stars

Good Historical Interactions, Story Lacks Special Appeal...

To Capture Her Heart is the first book I have read by Rebecca DeMarino. While I enjoyed the premise of the Indians and the English and the Dutch struggling to find their place in the New World, the book did not find a place among my favorites.

I liked DeMarino's characters, but somehow failed to fully connect with them. Given the gravity of some of the situations presented, maybe I felt there wasn't enough suspense.

I did enjoy getting a look at Mary and Barnabas's family and how they came to be a cohesive, loving household. That part of the novel will propel me on to read the next book. Both are worth a reader's consideration. DeMarino has well-presented varying attitudes of the many different peoples towards each other. 

I gratefully received a copy of this book from Revellreads in exchange for an honest review.