Aug. 13, 2016

Finding Love in Big Sky, Montana,#2 Resort to Love by Angela Ruth Strong

Angela Ruth Strong has become a new favorite author. She cemented that place in my heart with her Finding Love in Big Sky, #2 Resort to Love. First a short synopsis on the storyline, then what made the book so great.

Paisley Sheridan is trying to fulfill her dream of opening a horse camp for kids, where they can realize the love of God can heal their spirits. Trouble is, Paisley has never totally allowed God's love to heal her very broken spirit.So when Josh Lake enters the picture, and could be the hero her heart longs for, Paisley plays the Thornbird game. How many rejections can a man take before he calls it quits and seeks better prospects?

What I loved: Paisley's issues of feeling totally unlovable are more common than we'd like to admit. Some people, men and women alike, hang on to that problem like an old friend, much like Paisley does. I love the fact that the much of the plot revolves around realizing one is God's treasured possession. One of my favorite truths!!

Josh may be a hunk, but he has his own insecurities he needs to let God heal. Will he? Can he trust God to control what he can't?

While Josh and Paisley's story is great, what makes it wonderful is two things: Annabel and Dot, plus the witty dialog. I laughed my way through the book, even though my heart ached. How is that possible at the same time? I sure hope Annabel and Dot find a series of their own to inhabit. They are that wild and crazy!!

I thought Angela Ruth was never going to wrap it up neatly before the end, when she dropped a bombshell! This was just a superior reading adventure!! With novels of this caliber, Angela Ruth Strong can expect to develop a strong following!

I gratefully received a copy of this book for review from the author and publisher.