Jul. 28, 2016

Silent Sabotage, #5 First Responders, by Susan Sleeman

*****5 stars 

My Favorite First Responder Novel!!

Susan Sleeman has crafted a masterpiece in Silent Sabotage, #5 First Responders. l have loved all her books, but this story of Emily and Archer elicits a special response out of me. Emily has returned to care for her aunt Birdie, whose declining mental health has put the B&B at stake. Archer first gets involved when a gunman tries to hold Emily hostage, and Archer must negotiate her release. 

I fell in love with these characters, who seemed like they could be a page out of anybody's lives. A young, determined woman with a heart of love for her ailing aunt, while nursing her own desertion issues. A man who tries everything he can think of to keep his charge safe, but fails to protect his heart. The ensuing relationship avoidance dance, played out against a backdrop of constant, repeated life-threatening incidents.

If this were a drink, it would have warmed the cockles of my heart with no ill after- effects; just sweetness, danger (hmm, did I say no ill after-effects?!), and personal challenge to live without fear, trusting God. Definitely the most down-to-earth First Responder book yet!! 

Sleeman has one more story to tell in this series. I am anxious to see how Jake's life will unfold in a fresh and exciting path from his teammates. 

I gratefully received this book in exchange for an honest review.