Jul. 25, 2016

Evilution,#9, In the President's Service by Ace Collins

***** 5 stars

Some Great Unexpected Twists...


I am always impressed by the next "In the President's Service" installment, and #9, Evilution, is no exception. Ace Collins makes sure to include plenty of action, great strategists (may the best strategist win!), dynamic, redeemable characters, and some out-and-out villians. Reading his stories, I feel like I'm above the clouds, almost outside of time as the various players in World War II march across his stage. Some,like Helen Meeker and other agents, knowingly paticipate. Others leave a mark as they are used as pawns.

These episodes tend to be released with a good deal of time between them. Collins doesn't let that be a problem. He creates enough back story inside each episode that the reader is able to pick up with previous events and move furtively forward.

One idea that is particularly present in this episode,is that war is no respector of persons. Many people that fight and die on either side are not monsters, but regular citizens called upon to kill to defend their country. What will happen to that numbness that is developed and ingrained, once the war is over?

Some great, unexpected twists in this one!! I gratefully received a copy of this book from bookfun.org. Ready to open and read the next!!