Jul. 25, 2016

Uneasy Alliance,#10, In the President's Service by Ace Collins

***** 5 stars   

Another Double Entendre Titled Thriller...


Ace Collins just seems to keep the mystery and intrigue going,no matter that Uneasy Alliance is #10 of the series In the President's Service. An American spy,pretending to be a double agent, is aboard a German Uboat,famous for destroying the enemy. Helen Meeker and her secret group have now added two members whom Helen would never have chosen herself, and who can make or break her team and her future. Plus the good doctor is busy,racing to control his "puppets" before they overtake and destroy him. Uneasy Alliance(s), indeed!! No World War II buff should miss this series!! I feel like I have received an invaluable education on the intricacies of war. Thank you, Ace, for taking a subject I never liked (WWII) and making it come alive!!

I gratefully received a copy of this book from bookfun.org in exchange for an honest review.